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Because IJ is trying to delete me for inactivity. >:(
Animal Assisted, Lost, Ben/Jack fic   
02:14pm 05/04/2010
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Title: Animal Assisted
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 1048
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Though S6
Summary: I know you. I know you, but I've never seen you before in my life! Ben and Jack meet in the sideways.
Author's Notes: I may make this into a series if there's any interest. Not an Easter fic, but...

Ben straightened a blue smock with Pet Therapy Volunteer embroidered on the front pocket...
Gift Fic Roundup   
01:47am 02/01/2010
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Magic Potion, Ben/Jack   
11:06pm 29/10/2009
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Title: Magic Potion
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 1887
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Though S3
Summary: Jack is given an experimental injection instead of a tranquilizer in the Hydra. The effects are unpredictable.
Warnings: Literal genderswitch, Jack in pain
A/N: I wrote this as a Halloween story, but I don't know if it turned out too scary.

“...shouldn't be reacting like this.”
OMG Finally! - Lost Kink Meme   
03:09am 12/10/2009
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Welcome to The Island
Lost fic: Irrelevant, Jacob/Jack, Richard/Jack   
05:57pm 03/10/2009
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Title: Irrelevant

Pairing: Jacob/Jack, Richard/Jack

Word Count: 1060

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Though The Incident pt. 1 + 2

Summary: Alternate scene after Jacob meets Jack, as told to Richard, post season 5.

A/N: For [info]lostfichallenge #97, Jacob. I've been meaning to write this one for a while—I can't be the only one who figured Jack thought Jacob was hitting on him!

Jack paced back and forth impatiently at the entrance to Richard's tent...

New LJ community - Rule 63   
05:39pm 16/09/2009

Rule 63

Shinjiko and Kyonkoi

For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.

Rule63 is a multifandom community for genderswap/genderswitch versions of your favorite characters--female to male is fine too! Fanfic, fanart, or even just discussion of what a character would be like if they were the opposite gender are welcome!
Lottery, Library   
04:08am 12/08/2009
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music: The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol
Title: Lottery, Library
Rating: G
Characters: Jack, Ben, Richard, Jacob, Hurley
Word Count: 2260
Spoilers: All seasons, follows fics Unmake, Remake, Rerun, Revenge, and Vacation, Variation
Jack takes Ben out for Chinese...sort of.
Author’s Notes: More Jack for [info]alliecat8  at [info]lostsquee 's Luau, now that I stopped being distracted by shiny things long enough to finish it! Posted here for archive.

Generally, chasing a white rabbit was a metaphor for something else...
But...the Future Refused to Change   
09:34pm 25/07/2009
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Title: But...the Future Refused to Change
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Richard, Jack/Ben, Jack/Sawyer, Jack/70s Eloise, implied Jack/just about everyone, Ensemble
Word Count: 3803
Spoilers: All seasons, S5 especially.
Summary: So Jack got his reset...and he got his reset...and he got his reset...and he got his reset... *skips a few* ...if only he could get it to stop.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by a few too many episodes of Endless Eight, title is a Chrono Trigger reference. Late for alemyrddin at lostsquee's Luau--hope it's close enough to magic! The problem with ideas like these is making yourself stop--if anybody wants to write out their own iteration, I've left plenty of wiggle room so feel free!
Morning, Ben/Jack fic   
01:45am 20/07/2009
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Title: Morning
Rating: R
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 1556
Spoilers: Few, but a vague S5 reference.
Summary: AU Jack was with the tail section, and one of the first to be taken by the Others.
Author’s Notes: My OTP for eponine119 at lostsquee's Luau. Wanted to try something a little different with them.

Vacation, Variation   
03:10pm 16/07/2009
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Title: Vacation, Variation
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Richard, mentions of Jacob
Word Count: 843
Spoilers: Through S5 finale
Summary: Jack needs a break from his job, Richard might need the same.
Author’s Notes: For joyyjpg at lostsquee 's Luau. Jack and Richard on the beach. Sequel to Unmake, Remake, and Rerun, Revenge, should be somewhat readable without them though.

Rerun, Revenge   
12:21am 14/07/2009
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music: Winter, Again by Glay
Title: Rerun, Revenge
Rating: PG
Characters: Sawyer, Jack, Jacob, mentions of John
Word Count: 931
Spoilers: Through S5 finale
Summary: Sawyer gets surprise information between cons.
Author’s Notes: For invisiblelove  at lostsquee  's Luau. Some Jack and Sawyer interaction, post island reset. Makes more sense if read as a sequel to Unmake, Remake.
Lost fics   
02:20am 12/07/2009
music: Underground by David Bowie
Crossposted from LJ in the unlikely event anyone reads this:

Title: Unmake, Remake

Pairing: barely implied Jacob/Jack
Rating: G
Word Count:
Through the S5 finale.
Preventing the crash has wider effect through time than Jack could have imagined.
Author’s Notes
: Assumes a complete reset after the bomb. For emiliglia, at lostsquee 's Luau.


Title: Of Rabbit Holes

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 2751
Set after the S5 finale.
Jack's back from the 70s, and Ben's been chased from his people. What happens to the ex-leaders on their own?
Author’s Notes:
A million years late for gottalovev at lostsquee 's Luau. You said you didn't mind reading Jack even though you don't like him. There are several 'firsts' for Jack and Ben in here, virgin!Ben the most obvious.
Reason, Ben/girl!Jack   
04:54am 15/06/2009
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music: Daylight Robbery by Imogen Heap
Title: Reason
Author: key_sama
Characters: Ben, girl!Jack
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Written for PornBattle 8 on Dreamwidth for the prompt Lost, Ben/girl!Jack, hatch, shifting obsession Reposted here for archive purposes.
Summary: Ben thinks on a new obsession during his imprisonment as Henry Gale.

I didn't understand. Why? Why a tumor? )
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Just a new journal test post!